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02. Process Service

Process Services

WAre you involved in a legal dispute and have California court filings or other paperwork you need processed? Handing over simple documents such as a summons can be anything but simple. In a perfect world, witnesses, defendants and other parties would be easy to find and willing to accept your documents the first time. Yet all too often, serving up documents can mean making multiple attempts. Particularly troublesome parties can even require overnight stake outs or travel into other states. You don’t have time for this. 

You need someone on your side to take care of this important step in the legal process. At J. DeHerrera, LDA, we know how much of a pain service of process and document delivery can be. We’re here to support you in your legal needs. Let us handle the hassle for you. 

We Specialize in Efficient Process Serving

Skip Trace

Simply locating the other parties involved in your legal case can be one of the most frustrating parts of the legal process. Thankfully, the skip trace experts at J. DeHerrera LDA are here to help make your search easier. We offer some of the most talented, well-trained skip tracers, or “people finders”, in California. 

  • Has one of the key witnesses in your case seemingly disappeared? 

  • Is the defendant in your lawsuit laying low or on the run? 

  • Do you have paperwork you need to serve to someone who has skipped town? 

  • Are you trying to collect a debt from someone that you just can’t track down? 

J. DeHerrera, LDA can help with any of the above issues and many others that involve tracking down troublemakers. Skip tracing is one of our most important functions. We have decades of experience and have tackled many cases just like yours in the Bay Area and beyond. Let us help you find those who can’t be found. 

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